Cosmic Connections A (deep) intro into Astrology
October 13 (Sunday) at 1:00 pm

Class length
3 hours

Cosmic Connections: (A Deep) Intro to Astrology
Sunday, October 13
1 pm to 4 pm
$50 preregistration ($60 at door space available)

When you want to go beyond “What’s Your Sign?” the language of astrology can quickly turn into a pile of words and symbols that makes brain cells want to explode. 
And yet, with a little help from a master astrologer like Kay, you can soon learn how to put it all together to understand the meaning of your life—literally the deeper soul purpose for why you’re here—plus how to navigate challenges so you can be free to use your gifts wisely. 
You’ll get a clear understanding about cycles—the astrological weather—with tips about how to live with life as it arises instead of bucking the tide. 
It’s like taking an umbrella when you know it’s going to rain, or knowing when to plan that restful vacation in the sun you so desperately need right now.
In this illuminating workshop at Fierce Love Yoga in Everett, Washington, you will learn not only all about the Sun sign in your chart, but also all the other planets, how signs affect them,  and what it means that planets live in “houses.” You’ll walk away knowing the sign of your karmic history as well as what sign you’re trying to develop to evolve. Plus a lot of other cool, practical wisdom so the next time you go to a party you could say “So, hey, what’s your primal triad?” …. or know how to answer that question.
PS: We’ll have a Full Moon in the middle of the workshop and we’ll take advantage of that too!
If you provide your birth data when you preregister, we will have a copy of your astrology chart calculated and created for you.

Kay will be in Washington State from October 9th-16th
PRIVATE SESSIONS in Carnation: October 9 - 12
BOOK SIGNING & READING "Soul Path Way" @ Uppercase Bookshop in Snohomish: Saturday, October 12 (afternoon)
PRIVATE SESSIONS in Everett: Monday & Tuesday, October 14 & 15
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Kay Taylor is an Evolutionary Astrologer who has been synthesizing soul centered astrology with intuitive mastery, psychosynthesis, yoga and a wealth of healing wisdom for over 35 years. An engaging and entertaining speaker, she lectures at astrology conferences, and for corporations and regional astrology groups. Kay is now Education Director for OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology) where she is core faculty and co-created the Integrative Consulting Skills training. Her own training program, Soul Path School, teaches astrology, intuition and energetic healing for beginners through professional level.

Kay's powerful book, Soul Path Way, was published in 2016. She wrote for for many years, and contributed chapters to anthologies “The Professional Astrologer” (2015) and “Essential Astrology” (2020). She is certified by OPA, ISAR CAP and NCGR Level II and is a teacher training mentor in the Janet Stone Yoga school. She still sees clients in the SF Bay Area, or by phone or in distant lands while traveling.

In the spare moments when she’s not doing this work, she hangs out with her partner and six adult children/step-children, soaks in mineral water, reads voraciously, and cooks sumptuous feasts for everyone around her. She also has learned to write into the late night hours with an old ginger cat draped over her lap and a small Jack Russell mix nestled at her thigh.

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